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Why Choose a Vacation Rental Home or Villa for your Next Visit to Hilton Head?

  • Average costs are comparable to hotel rates.
  • The obvious, privacy and extra space for everyone.
  • Save money by cooking meals in a full size kitchen or barbeque on the back deck.
  • Access to the gated community and amenities such as pools, tennis and resort activities. 
  • Enjoy larger sized pools and top of the line fitness areas.
  • Share more than just one hotel bathroom! The average rental property has 3 full bathrooms.
  • Most vacation rental properties have convenient front door parking.
  • Laundry access - why take home dirty laundry and beach towels?
  • Bring more gear for vacation! Rental properties have more space for fishing gear, additional luggage or sports equipment. Parking may also allow for your boat or RV.